SMDA Sept 18 Spang-A-Lang-A-Palooza

Hello! and welcome back to the next lesson on from my Stanton Moore Drum Academy! These will give you an idea and a taster of what you can find over at SMDA.


I’m very excited to present this particular lesson to the SMDA community.  There have been a lot of questions about this worksheet and this lesson should provide some answers. This is a series of exercises I’ve developed to work on several different issues.  The purpose of these is to develop three notes in a row in either hand.  These 3 notes in a row can be applied to your triple stroke rolls which can be helpful in developing your buzz rolls…see Academy Lesson 1. You can also play these slowly and powerfully to develop your weaker hand.  These ideas work well to help develop your fast ride cymbal playing as well… Hence the name “Spang-a-Lang-a-Palooza. 

As these ideas progress, we move the right hand to the ride cymbal and get some very practical and musical ideas that work in a variety of musical situations.  I hope y’all enjoy working on this as much as I have enjoyed putting these ideas together for you to check out.

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