Stanton Moore’s SMDA Lessons – Number 1 – Go-Go

Hello! and welcome to the first lesson on from my Stanton Moore Drum Academy! Over the next few months we’ll look at different topics to give you an idea of what you can find over at SMDA.

In this first lesson, we’ll cover a few Go-Go inspired beats that I’ve come up with over the years. Go-Go is a regional style of funk that developed in the Washington DC area. If you’re not yet familiar with Go-Go make sure to check out Chuck Brown and Trouble Funk for starters.

These beats are fun to play on drumset as Go-Go is very percussion heavy, and it’s challenging and fun to play these beats on drum set. It is said that Go-Go started off with live musicians jamming on top of the bass line to Grover Washington’s tune “Mr. Magic”. Keep the rhythm of that bass line in mind when working these up.

The video has the notation at the bottom of the screen so lets get started! 


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