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Young Drummer Of The Year 2017 sponsored by Gretsch drums and Meinl cymbals – Top 40 Announced!

Congratulations to the top 40 of 2017 Young Drummer Of The Year finals! This year there were over 300 entries and here, in no particular order, are the top 40.

These top 40 will now be judged by 6 professional drummers and teachers to select the final 10 who will perform on Sunday 5th February 2017 at the Spa Center in Leamington Spa.

Stay posted to find out the Top 10 that will be announced within the next 14 days.

1: Dylan Thompson 

2:George Milnes 

3:Sam Cooper 

4:James Armfield 

5:Robbie Hicks 

6:Nathan Shingler 

7:Lyle Burton 

8:Daniel Stone 

9:Rohan Misra 

10:Sam Swift 

11:Robert Hammond 

12:Matthew Deakin 

13:Zoe Pascal 

14: Daniel Gordon 

15: Jack Griffiths 

16: Sam Heeley 

17: Yusha Shika 

18: Finn Genockey 

19: Callum Murray 

20: Jack Manders 

21: Edward Joe Jennings 

22: Alex Capper 

23: Alvin Muchina 

24: Alfie Gorman 

25: Fraser Buckley 

26: Jeremiah Joshua Wallace 

27: Ollie Woods 

28: James Scott

29: Hugh Wilkin 

30: Zach Norton 

31: Ross Baillie Gimes 

32: Georgia Inglis 

33: Joshua Wadsworth 

34: Kai Craig 

35: Matt Flood 

36: Mattithyahn Owolabi 

37: Tom Waters 

38: Michael Obrike 

39: Jake Coughlan 

40: Anmol Mahara Darji

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