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Drummers On Top - Charity Event

Footes and British Drum Co and pleased to announce their joint sponsorship of this event which takes place at the O2 Arena on Thursday 23rd February, raising money for ''Roll Out The Barrel Trust’.

"Roll Out the Barrel Trust" distribute 30 litre water rollers throughout the developing world - these simple and robust barrels can transform the lives - and life chances - of whole families.  website address 

Calling all drummers.  Have you ever wanted to play the O2 Arena?  Now, you have the chance to play on top of it, with up to 75 other drummers!

You may be aware that for a few years it''s been possible to walk across the top of the O2 Arena in S.E. London.  ROTBT has hired the walkway for Thursday February 23rd 2017.

Climbers are usually restricted in what they can take up with them to just a small camera. But ROTBT have arranged for a snare drum and stand - kindly donated by Footes and British Drum Co. to be placed on top of the O2.  Each drummer will get a couple of minutes to show their skills and take advantage of the wonderful backdrop for a photo opportunity.

This event costs £30 to register to climb, then ROTBT hope that participants will raise funds for the charity through sponsorship or donations via the Virgin Money Giving site. website address

The snare drum will be given as a prize to whoever raises the most funds. 

Footes have also donated a bass drum head for all drummers to sign which will be auctioned at a later date to raise further funds, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) has already signed it.

Each drummer will also be given a free roll of high quality gaffer tape, courtesy of sponsor Reliable Source Ltd, who are stage tape specialists.

We hope you are able to join us - we already have Rick Buckler of The Jam confirmed and several other stellar names lined up - it''s sure to be a grand day out.

Drummers sign up here 

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