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Lesson - Danny Pearson - 2 Beat Fill

Hi, I’m Danny Pearson and welcome to my next lesson in a series for the Mike Dolbear affiliated drum school.  One of the most common questions I get asked is ‘how do I come up with better fill-ins’ or ‘more fill-in ideas’.  So in this series I will be showing you the sort of fills that I show my students and that I use myself.

This month I''m going to show you a nice 2 beat fill-in combining the flam & the 4-stroke ruff.

In the notation below I've written it out over 1 bar (or over 4 beats), as it makes it easier to read, but it's actually played over 2 beats.

This means the fill-in starts on beat 3 of the bar not on beat 1 as written below. (See video for explanation).

So, on beat 1 we have a flam followed by the 4-stroke ruff split around the kit. The last note of the ruff actually finishes on beat 2 with the bass drum. There''s another bass drum on the ''&'' of beat 2, followed by a snare & crash cymbal on beat 3. The fill-in is finished off with two snare hits on beat 4.

The sticking for this is - (reverse sticking if you’re left handed):

 1  &  2  &  3     4  &

rL rlr K  K  B    R  L

K=Kick or Bass drum

B=Both Hands together (i.e. Crash & snare)

Ok, if you watch the attached video you will see I've played the fill-in slowly on its own & then up to speed with a groove. 

Have a go at following my examples and then try and come up with some of your own!  If you have any questions you can email me at

Have fun!


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