Gary Husband and Mark Wingfield Release ‘Tor and Vale’


MoonJune Records announces


“Tor & Vale”

“What if Terje Rypdal had recorded a duet album with Keith Jarrett?” 

A beautiful document that showcases the remarkable chemistry between these two extraordinary players, it is a gem of nuanced interaction and rare potency by improvisers of the highest order.


HD Download 24bit • $10

CD • $15 +shipping

2LP • $29.95 +shipping (PRE-ORDER)

• HD 24 bit Download: $10. – Available immediately upon the purchase.

• CD (digipack with 16 pages booklet): $15 +shipping. – READY TO BE SHIPPED!. (purchase of CD gets You instant HD 24bit download)

• 2LP 180 grams vinyl (gatefold): $29.95 + shipping. – Shipping around August 15-20. (PRE-ORDER; purchase of 2LP gets You instant HD 24bit download)

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“Kinetic and focused jams, with frequent flights of fancy and elegantly improvised episodes of order & chaos. A sketchpad thrown open in the wind. There is a noteworthy synergy of this particular call-and-response guitar glissandi and enchanted piano, back and forth, together and contrasting. Two sound poets calling and finishing each other’s musical expressions in an engaging telepathic give and take, in the progressive long jam tradition. Highly recommended.” – Robin James, ImproviJazzation (USA)

“Wingfield represents the singing component, his slightly overdriven tone heard throughout the set, occasionally escorted/enhanced by lingering chordal reverberations. Five pieces are the fruit of the guitarist’s creative power, the remaining three were improvised. Speaking of which, I was amused by Husband’s illustration of his approach: ‘I actually have the infuriating habit of listening to initial instruction or some kind of plan, only to then completely disregard it and let instinct and intuition take over’. If this is the result, let’s hope he ignores the guidelines forever. This means that the music can’t really be classified, and that’s fine. It’s at once elegiac, atonal, carefully organized, wavering between varying emotional states. One is attracted by diverse characterizations and nuances, the bulk of them apparently suggested by contemporary classical influences rather than anything related to jazz and fusion commonplace. What’s particularly alluring for yours truly is the possibility to (finally!) enjoy some good, self-descriptive interplay minus the silent oppression deriving from the necessity of chronicling. Intelligible reciprocity and seriousness of intent speak for themselves, and it’s definitely more than enough to spend a nice couple of hours without thinking, just letting the sounds grow inside and around. As it always should be.” – Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes (Italy)

“The sound of Mark Wingfield has never been so sophisticated, diverse and lyrical. If we talk about the emotional impact, then, perhaps, the music of Tor & Vale will be stronger than any pictorial image, by virtue of greater abstractness, and, accordingly, more open space for the listeners’ imagination. All shades of feelings, all emotions are subject to the guitar of this great master. But discard the idea that Gary Husband limited himself to the role of a modest accompanist. He is too big for this, sensitive and perfectly adapts to the ideas of the partner master. Without his piano, the sound palette of the album would have been much poorer. Both musicians were very pleased with the project and are now carrying out plans for joint tours in support of the album. And the hopeful walls of La Casa Murada will hopefully hear their new compositions in the future.” – Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad (Russia)

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