Latin Percussion Launches New Range of Rhythm Rods

Latin Percussion Launches New Range of Rhythm Rods


31st May, 2023 – Oxnard, (CA) Latin Percussion (LP) is proud to launch its new range of synthetic and natural Rhythm Rods. The new rods, hybrids of regular sticks and brushes, offer drummers and percussionists greater versatility and a wider sonic range when playing.


The new synthetic rods are made by binding many thin, high-grade polymer shafts together. All feature a comfortable, non-slip rubber grip, an adjustable sleeve, and O-Rings so users can fine-tune their sonic palette by controlling the spread of the rods.



 The LP9911 Lightweight Rhythm Rods (7/8” diameter) and LP9912 Heavyweight Rhythm Rods (1-1/8” diameter) feature an exclusive reinforced core to give them superior balance, stability, and playability. The LP9913 -Synthetic Lightweight Adjustable Core Rhythm Rods (7/8” diameter) and the LP9914 Synthetic Heavyweight Adjustable Core Rhythm Rods (1-1/8” diameter) have a solid core with a retractable tip. This provides stability while allowing the user to set the perfect amount of articulation.



The LP9917 Natural Rhythm Rods (1-1/4” diameter) are 13” long and are made from thin strips of organic material bound together. This natural material delivers enhanced dynamic control and rebound for drummers allowing users to customise their tone.


The new range of LP Rhythm Rods offer drummers and percussionists a balance between sticks and brushes. They provide a wide range of creative textures: Wide, open rods provide a softer attack closer to the brush end of the sound spectrum making their warm sound ideal for small room acoustic performances. When the O ring is adjusted to make the spread tighter, the articulation increases and rods begin to behave more like sticks. The denser strike of the tighter spread gives a fat, rich sound when recording.


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