SABIAN Introduces Stratus series line extentions

                                                SABIAN Introduces Stratus series line extentions

Meductic, NB: SABIAN is proud to announce the release of three new products to the Stratus cymbal series: the 10” Stratus Splash, the 12” Stratus Ciro Stax, and the Stratus Promotional Set. These new line extensions add further color, sounds, and dynamics to this already popular cymbal series.

“The 10” Stratus Splash has a larger than normal bell and thin weight, giving it a fast attack and quick decay.” says SABIAN’s Head of Research and Development, Randy Ross. He says further, “The 12” Stratus Cirro Stax comprises of two cymbals, creating a sharp staccato sound reminiscent of digital samples used in the 80s and 90s.”

The third product in this release is a Promotional Set, consisting of 14” hi-hats, 16” & 18” crashes, and a 20” ride, providing even more value to this budget conscious series.

All three products are shipping now.

SKU UPC Description
S1005 622537092329 SABIAN 10″ Stratus Splash
S12CS 622537092398 SABIAN 12″ Stratus Cirro Stax
S5005G 622537092336 SABIAN Stratus Promotional Set

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