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There’s an obvious reason for the name of this little practice pad. The base of the Pucpad is made of hard rubber and is 76mm (wide) x 25mm (deep) in size. On top of that

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Meinl Accessories

Meinl Accessories So in this final instalment of gear from Meinl, we’ll be looking at some accessories. Bass Drum Microphone Clamp I’ve never tried a kick drum mic attachment like this. I’ve created something myself

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Gruv-X X-Click

You might feel there’s something familiar about the new X-Click and you’d be right. Indeed, the same can be said about the two names behind the X-Click, Russ Miller and Bill Detamore. The X-Click comes

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Sabian SBR Cymbal Pack

Sabian’s website says, ‘Yes, these are brass cymbals. No, they don’t suck…’ and having played these for a little while, I can’t argue with that. I’d not heard of Sabian’s SBR range until they turned

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Ebenor Applewood Snare

Have you heard of Ebenor Percussion? I’d never heard of Ebenor until a friend introduced me to them in mid-2020. Actually, it wasn’t just me that he introduced to Ebenor that day, it was a

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Sabian HHX - Change the rules of the game