PDP Concept Limited Drum Kit

It’s fair to say – and also quite obvious – that the colour scheme for this kit is making a bold statement; PDP’s recent release of its limited edition kit is out to be noticed.

The kit consists of 7 ply maple shells with 10×7 and 12×8 mounted toms, a 16×14 floor tom, 22×18 bass drum and a 10 ply maple 14×5 snare. The shells have sharp 45’ bearing edges and the heads are by Remo.

The kit also features DW’s True Pitch tension rods, Suspension Tom Mounts (STMs), MAG throw off on the snare, graduated hoop thickness on the toms and dual turret lugs. In addition, you get the tom holder which will accommodate both toms and a cymbal arm.

I did enjoy playing the kit.

The sound of the toms was clean, the snare was crisp and the bass drum – with the use of the included pillows – felt big and had plenty of low end

The stock heads are alright, but are Remo’s UT (non-US made) models. They, and the drums themselves, are easy enough to tune though and sounded just fine.

The hardware and general metalwork included with and on the kit is sturdy and functional and the shells seemed well made and finished.

Whilst I was a little undecided about the orange hoops, I loved the blue colour; it is as striking as intended in person, and the kit definitely does have an identity.

If you were intending to use the kit to gig you’d probably want to change out the batter heads sooner rather than later, but that’s nothing unusual in this context. For any other use, the stock heads would be fine.

Taking into consideration the price point this kit is aimed at, and what you get included, I definitely think it’s good value. The kit is nice to look at, easy to deal with and fun to play.

More at – http://www.pacificdrums.com/drums/concept-ltd

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