Trick Dominator Bass Drum Pedal

Trick Dominator Bass Drum Pedal


I have been a fan of Trick products for a long time, mainly because their GS007 snare mechanism is my favourite currently on the market. I also like that the company makes premium products utilising precision engineering which look like they’ve really been thought out.

Some background…..Trick’s premier pedal is the Pro1-V BigFoot. The Dominator is basically the lite version of the Pro1-V BigFoot.

The Dominator pedal features:

– Billet machined
– Custom Dominator beater
– Direct drive
– Split cam beater and pedal adjustments
– Spring loaded hoop clamps
– Longboard style footboard

Now, the Dominator beater is something I separately looked at a few years ago – Like everything else, it’s an all-metal affair and is about as solid as everything else Trick makes. It’s made of metal but is still lightweight, and produces a good solid punch.

I’ve tried a lot of bass drum pedals over the years. For the most part, I’ve found they’re either all ready to go straight out of the box, or require a tiny bit of adjustment before use. In this case, for me anyway, the Dominator required some time to set it up to get it right. It’s not that it’s a particularly difficult pedal or anything, and everything is easily adjustable with the provided hex key. 

The ‘problem’ with the Dominator for me was that it is probably the most adjustable pedal I’ve used, and finding the best set up for me took a bit of time and effort. After the pedal was set up though, I don’t think it would need adjusting again. 

It’s a very smooth, effortless design which, with the application of the right technique, can facilitate some very fast playing.  There’s also some cool – and in this case, ‘cool’ means ‘really useful’ – features;

The beater and footplate positions are very easily adjustable with a key and there’s a gauge so you can mark your position. The longboard footplate is a good, comfortable length. The hoop clamp is long and sprung with a heavy spring which is easy to get to. 

Notwithstanding all of these positives though, the best thing to me is the large spring adjustment knob; it’s the best feature of the pedal because of where it’s placed and the fact that you can adjust the spring tension, basically, while you’re playing. There’s no fiddling about with it and you don’t have to take the pedal off the drum to fine tune it. 

Overall, given this is a pedal made out of solid, machined parts, it’s not that heavy. Trick pedals are used by a lot of fast players and are very highly regarded in that respect. 

However, I’m not a speed metal guy, I don’t play all that fast and I don’t possess the aforementioned ‘right’ technique. That said, I wanted to try a pedal that provided as much support for the technique that I do have to yield the best result I can get. It’s early days yet, but I can say at this point this is one of the best pedals I’ve tried.

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