James Cumpsty

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Simon Edgoose

James has been a professional photographer since 1989. Employed initially to take review ‘pack-shots’ and the occasional interview photography for 7 music magazine titles. It quickly grew into a busy studio and a frenetic career. It was here at Music Maker Publications where he first worked for Rhythm Magazine. Going freelance in 1996 he racked up 20 years for that title (with his work being in it every single issue) He had known 6 editors, and travelled through Europe, Japan and the US. Quite often to be found on stage at soundchecks/gigs and in plush recording studios – wherever the story was to be found for that artist at the time. From the days of medium format film and big flash heads he now loves shooting everything digital, and can’t remember the last time he went to a E6 processing lab. Though he can’t bring himself to get rid of his beloved Hasselblads….

In 2006 he could see where marketing and editorial content was going and got back to his first love of moving images. Before there was a proper delivery system he was out shooting interviews and helping a wide range of music instrument companies deliver their message in a film-ic way.

Jump forward nine years and Mike had the idea for the Web Show format for interviews, James was the obvious choice to shoot and edit those, as he knew most of the characters that popped in; which in turn has led to producing special features for some of the biggest names in the Industry.

He has also been a long-standing shooter at the Young Drummer of the Year Event that Mike continues to organise every year, producing the video content for the last 5 years.

Most happy when he is getting good sound, loves a proper out-take, has a unique way of setting up drums (the only way he can play). He generally understands completely the story behind as well as the one in front of the camera. With clients based all around the globe it makes for no two days the same. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

He also is to be found working in the Professional Audio and Broadcast Industries which allows him to hone his skills in different types of venues and with CEO’s rather than fine musicians.

He loves working with the team at MD, as they are all totally passionate about being part of such a friendly/sharing industry, plus he gets to hang out with some people he might have known for 25 years!