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2107, 2017

“BeatNav” Metronome App – Discover Your Tempo – Now available on App Store and Google Play – Press Release

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Music is all about rhythm, consisting of pulses and determined by the speed and tempo of these pulses. But contrarily to what you might think, rhythm is not a fixed value, it is a variable. Therefore,

1407, 2017

Promark By D’addario Launches Revolutionary Firegrain Drumsticks

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Pro mark by D’Addario has turned up the heat with their brand-new line of drumsticks called FireGrainTM – a revolutionary heat-tempering process that transforms ordinary hickory drumsticks into precision tools with unprecedented durability. While keeping their

407, 2017

John Blackwell RIP

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We are very sad to report the passing of John Blackwell, probably best known for his time with Prince. Taught by his father at the age of 3, John attended Berklee College of Music in Boston,

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