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Pearl Duoluxe Snare Drums

Pearl Duoluxe Snare Drums ‘With the look and rigidity of our trademark dual inverted shell beads, Pearl takes the chrome-over-brass alloy shell of our classic Jupiter snare and inlays it with two finish bands of

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Pearl lightweight stands

  Pearl lightweight stands Ok, so I am a fan of the lightweight hardware thing and I currently own representatives from three different manufacturers’ offerings in that area.    As I entered my mid-forties -

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Sabian Anthology Cymbals

Sabian Anthology Cymbals - I love cymbals like this. There’s something about a well thought out, well made cymbal that makes you - or should make you - think differently when you play. That’s always how it’s

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Gewa G5 studio 5

Gewa G5 Studio 5 In mid-2017, I was in Germany at Gewa HQ and on the last day there, just before we were going to leave, we were shown a small black box which turned

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