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Gewa G5 studio 5

Gewa G5 Studio 5 In mid-2017, I was in Germany at Gewa HQ and on the last day there, just before we were going to leave, we were shown a small black box which turned

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Zildjian Raw Crashes

Zildjian Raw Crashes I looked up the term ‘cymbal’ on Google and it said ‘a musical instrument consisting of a slightly concave round brass plate which is either struck against another one or struck with

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Pearl Sensitone Heritage Snare Drums

Pearl Sensitone Heritage Snare Drums   Well over a dozen years ago, I reviewed a bunch of Pearl’s Sensitone snare drums. I don’t remember which ones they were now, but I remember doing it and

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Vic Firth Rute-X

Vic Firth Rute-X ‘The feel and response of a drumstick with the volume control and alternative sounds of a rod product.’ I think if I could just leave the review at that sentiment from the

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Gruv-X Mundo

I’m sat here with what seems to be a riot shield in my hand. In all seriousness, obviously I know what it’s for and the type of thing you’d play on it. But, as someone

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Skygel Pads

I’ve reviewed a fair amount of drum dampening products over the years. But, now I come to think of it, I don’t think I ever had much call for this sort of thing until more

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