Simon Edgoose

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Simon Edgoose

After originally moving down to London to study music, Simon Edgoose has found himself working in many different areas of the music industry from being a member of various signed bands to occasionally teching for some of the biggest drummers around.

A self confessed geek, he has used electronics since he was young and he now finds his more visible work to be in this field. Whether it’s recording, programming for major artists, demonstrating all over Europe for the biggest names in the business, or advising companies both large and small, Simon does it and also finds time to play gigs around London, dep on shows and answer emergency calls from artists in electronic hell.

He can often be found at the airport, laptop under arm and is proud of the fact that a few of his ideas are being used by drummers all over the world.

Simon was one of the earliest contributors to and has been editor of the site since 2007.

He lives in Essex with his wife and family.

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