Tobias Miorin

Tobias Miorin 2017-03-31T16:23:22+00:00
Simon Edgoose

Born and brought up in southern Germany, Tobias got hold of his first pair of drumsticks at the age of 3. Thanks to the influence of one of his first drum teachers, Michael Porter, it soon became clear that drumming should be it.

In 2009 then Tobias packed his suitcase and swapped the Swabian countryside for London, starting a BMus in popular music performance.
During his time at uni he was lucky enough to meet some amazing musicians and slipped into the session side of the business. Since then Tobias works as a drummer for various projects in pop as well as in musical theatre, live and in the studio.

Always keen to share experiences and sponging up stories from the greats he took a step into journalism. That’s where he met Mike Dolbear who invited him to join the team. Besides all that Tobias also works as a drum tutor and programmer.

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