Craviotto Catch-up

For many of us, Spring is in the air. Here in the Midwest, the rains have stopped and we have sunshine!

We’ve been really busy here at the shop and wanted to update everyone on some great drums coming through for artists and dealers!

In this newsletter, we’re going to take a trip around the World. Fasten your seatbelt…

First stop, Music City!


We just finished this amazing sparkle lacquer kit for one of our esteemed artists. I bet many of you will see this out and about in a few months once their tour begins. Many thanks to Jack our painter for nailing this finish. The lens on our Nikon simply cannot capture the depth and density of this finish. Its stunning.

..Ol’ Blue Eyes…

This Sonic Blue custom order was from our friends at the Newcastle Drum Center in the UK. What I love about this drum is that everything is done by the best in the business. Craviotto only partners with the best! Our painter, Jack (also referenced above), is absolutely amazing. Our plater in Southern California is fabulous. There’s a lot of Black Nickel out there that looks nothing like this. This is done right!! Obviously, we think our shells and craftsmanship speak for themselves. And the guys at Newcastle Drum Center are incredible. We love you Andy & Paul! Something tells me that their customer will be pretty stoked!

Private Reserve Birdseye in Production

Here are 3 Private Reserve Birdseye shells headed to our dealer in Korea. Each shell is different and each has something really stunning to showcase. Which is your favorite? Personally, I’d like all 3 🙂

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