Pearl Redefines Drum Mounting Physics With The R2 Air Tom Suspension System.

 Pearl Redefines Drum Mounting Physics With The R2 Air Tom Suspension System. 


The tonal physics of drum mounting is about to meet its match. Pearl presents the R2 Air, a revolutionary new tom suspension system that delivers totally unrestricted sound in mounted drums.


R2 Air’s exclusive floating isolation platform is built on the understanding that every drum’s optimal suspension area is in the CENTER of its shell. By balancing the tom’s total mounting weight across two corresponding points at the top and bottom of the drum, R2 Air gives true tonal separation from mounting hardware and enhances sustain and resonance.


“The way the toms rang from the very setup was ridiculous,” admits Grammy-Winning Engineer/Producer Dan Rudin. “There are really subtle tendencies for drums to get muffled as you change the geometry of the setup, and I didn’t notice any of that with the R2 Air.”


A studio sound test with Rudin at the board and legendary Pearl Artist Dennis Chambers revealed a host of surprises. “When I played the kit (with R2 Air mounted on the toms), my mind was blown,” says Chambers. “I noticed that I have more freedom to move the drum any kind of way, in the position I want, and it’s very, very easy to tune!'”


Sustain and tone can even be fine-tuned by adding the included rubber Damper Discs in one of four tension points. 


Available with a 12mm vertical bracket or Pearl’s traditional 7/8″ tube receiver, R2 Air is available for 8″ to 16″ toms, improves the overall tone of the entire drum set, and delivers optimal tone at any angle with a single point of adjustment.  

  • R2AL120910C – R2 Air Suspension System w/12mm L-Arm Bracket in Chrome
  • SSP 116,90 €
  • R2AS120910C – R2 Air Suspension System w/7/8″ Tube Bracket in Chrome
  • SSP 116,90 €
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