Provenance 1962 VW Type 2 Van Steel 14 x 5.5

Ok, so this is the second of two drums made from the aforementioned 1962 VW Type 2 Van panel. You can read my thoughts on the first drum here –

As I’ve already gone over the background to these drums, I’ll not repeat myself, so I’ll go straight to the drum itself.

It’s a 14×5.5 shell with 8 double-ended tube lugs, triple flanged hoops, Dunnett strainer and Puresound wires. The drum came with Aquarian heads – coated top and clear bottom – although I had a coated Remo Ambassador on for the review just to change it up a bit.

In terms of sound and feel, this drum is very much the big brother of the previous drum.

Although the sound in the video at the medium and higher tensions may have sounded a little dry, it actually wasn’t quite as dry in the room as it may have seemed. If hit with a rimshot, which is how I would play it in a general operational sense, the drum actually produced a much broader sound with enough ring to balance out the drier tones.

For me, I felt the drum worked best at a lower tuning because it sounded fatter and more open than when tensioned higher.

I liked the ring the drum had and any more unwanted overtones could easily be controlled by a thicker head or some light dampening. In fact, I may try that thicker head anyway, just to see how it goes, but that’s for later.

I think I’ve said before that I like the thought behind Provenance.

To have a drum that used to be something else definitely has a cool factor to it, and this particular drum shows that in a slightly more obvious way. The drum was nicely built and has a versatile sound palette. All in all, another cool drum from Provenance.

For a bit more, check out –

David Bateman

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