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PDP Spectrum

I’m sitting here writing this review a good few months after doing the accompanying video, nothing particularly unusual about that. However, I mention this because, listening back to the audio side of things, I’d actually forgotten how good these drums sounded in relation to the price point.  These aren’t expensive drums, but to be honest,

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Zildjian ‘I’ Family Cymbals

A new year and some new cymbals. So first off, this new line replaces the ZBT series which has now been discontinued. Zildjian says that this new line features modern weights and profiles as well as some new sounds. The cymbals I was sent were from the gig pack (14” hihats, 16 & 18” crashes

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Mixed Reviews – January 2020

Trap Style Drumming - Gregory “Torch” Sgrulloni It’s one of those sounds that is now everywhere and a style of drumming that on the surface of it, seems pretty straight forward. As with most things though if you dig a little deeper, it opens a door to a whole bunch of new sounds and ideas.

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BDC The Archer Snare Drum

When Mike told me he had a new British Drum Company snare for me to check out, I was really interested. That said, when I finally got it home, it didn’t actually turn out to be exactly the drum I was expecting, but as it happens, it was a happy misunderstanding and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

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Sabian AAX New Models

Sabian had a big year, what with the logo change and all, but they also found time to release some new models in the AAX range too… The review cymbals we were sent were 15” medium hi hats, 18 and 19” thin crashes, 20” stage crash, and 20” medium and heavy rides. They all had

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Vater Classics Drumsticks

Vater recently sent us some sticks to try out. These are all from the 'Classics' range which are apparently all more 'old school' designs, based on the original designs that Vater made before they became Vater (when them made sticks for another very well known stick company), meaning they are slightly different from the current

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Reviews – Beats Exotiques Book, TruTones Dampeners, Turn the Beat Around Book

Beats Exotiques - Gary Leach If you’ve ever sat down and tried to play some latin rhythms, or have worked through books of Afro-Cuban or Brazilian ideas and thought to yourself “this is cool and everything, but when am I really going to use it?”, then perhaps Gary Leach has written the perfect book for

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Evans UV2 heads

I’ll come clean straight away; I’m a fan of the UV1 line. I have been since I tried them. When I tried the UV1 heads back in mid 2018 - - I pretty much instantly liked them and I’ve been buying them ever since to put on my toms and snares. The funny thing

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Book Reviews – November 2019

Exploring Jazz Drums - Clark Tracey If you’ve ever studied jazz you’ll know just how many little avenues the genre will take you down. This book from British jazz drummer Clark Tracey aims to open some of these avenues and does so by introducing a certain concept, talking a little bit about where it came

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