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RePercussion Drums 14×7” Bog Oak Snare Drum

I believe I’ve said before that I’m a big snare drum fan, so when something new lands in front of me that is a bit different and I haven’t seen or tried before, I get enthused. This particular snare drum has been made by a new British company called, as you’ll have seen, RePercussion Drums,

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Sabian Artisan Elite Cymbals

I have to admit to knowing nothing about these cymbals before they were given to me to check out, the only brief I got on them was that they were ‘expensive’. However, as soon as I tried them, it was clear what these cymbals are about and why they are expensive. The Elite line is

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Mixed Media Reviews – Narada Michael Walden, Andy Ziker and Blake Paulson

Evolution - Narada Michael Walden (CD) If you’re not familiar with Narada then you should be! He’s played some very high profile gigs in the past including replacing Billy Cobham with Mahavishnu Orchestra. Now he writes and produces a lot of his own music and this is one such album. I’ve been listening to this

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14” Earthtone Head

In the before times, basically anything prior to about 1957, drum heads were made from animal hide – hence the reason they’re sometimes called ‘skins’. You probably all knew that.  Earthtone heads are made with genuine calfskin and are a step back towards in time but are made with modern technology and methods. The heads mount the

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Dream Trihats Review

  The concept of reversible cymbals isn’t exactly new, and mixing and matching hi hat cymbals will have been around longer still. However, I can’t really remember, in the last thirty years, many companies exploring the concept of interchangeable cymbal packs. The idea behind the Trihats is to provide a more diverse sonic palette, which

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Meinl Cymbal Tuners

We are a funny lot when it comes to things that potentially break with what we find as ‘traditional’. When something new does come along which is a little less usual we have a tendency to look at it with either love and fascination, or a questioning ‘why’? In this case, the new Cymbal Tuners

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Book Reviews – Makanjuola, (Steve) White, Drago

Drum Tabs & Numbers – Joseph O. Makanjuola Drum Tabs & Numbers – Joseph O. Makanjuola A rather small book in terms of the page dimensions, but chunky in terms of it’s depth, the first thing I noticed about this book was that it’s a not really designed to fit on a book

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J. Leiva Percussion Cajons

I’m not a percussionist by any stretch of the imagination but there have been times over the years where I’ve had need of a cajon. And, whilst my vocabulary is admittedly somewhat limited on the instrument, I still find playing a cajon to be fun and enjoyable. The three cajons I was sent to check

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