Satnam Ramgotra

Satnam Ramgotra is a great example of how big the drumming world is. You probably haven't heard of him - he doesn't get any coverage in our drum magazines - but I am sure most of you have heard him play. He has a studio at Hans Zimmer's studio "Remote Control Productions" where he writes

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Gavin Harrison

  Its been a few years since I last had the chance to sit down and do an interview with Gavin. He has finally found time to record an album he's been planning for a very long time which is something a little different. If you are already a Porcupine Tree fan you might already

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Mark Richardson

  Mark Richardson is probably the hardest hitting drummer in the country. This, paired with his energy and presence behind the kit, make him one of the hottest rock drummers out there. But there are many more sides to the ferocious powerhouse behind Skunk Anansie. Mark’s journey as a drummer is in full flow and

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Ginger Hamilton

Photo Dave Hughes We mainly know Ginger from hitting the drums behind one of the UK’s most powerful voices, Jessie J, but a look at his biography shows that he was a well established drummer long before that. Today, at the age of just 24 he has played stadiums, arenas and TV shows

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Pete Ray Biggin

Pete Ray Biggin is one of the most renowned session players in the UK today. He's played with artists like Amy Winehouse, Chaka Khan, Incognito, The Specials, Whitney Houston and is currently drumming for his all time favourite band Level 42. He is also a multi talent with his own project PB Underground where he

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Eric Harland

Like many others Eric Harland has played the drums since he was a little kid. Very unlike many others he got a full scholarship at a New York music college at the age of 16 - thanks to Wynton Marsalis himself. The rest is history. Today, Eric Harland is one of the most in demand

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Kaz Rodriguez

Kaz Rodriguez is a name within the industry that is definitely worth looking out for.  He recently featured on Music Radars list of ‘15 up-and-coming drummers you need to hear’ and drummers like Aaron Spears uses his Fusion Play Along tracks as a part of his drum clinics.  He also plays drums for Jessie Ware

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Interview with Eric ‘E-Panda’ Hernandez – Bruno Mars

You might not know Eric's name (or his pseudonym E-Panda), but you will have seen him play in the last year or so. Bruno Mars has become one of the most visible chart artists and is often gracing our screens at festivals, MTV Awards or Brit Awards. Mike caught up with Eric to talk about

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