Wayne Proctor

Playing a seemingly simple groove over many minutes while giving it a great feel, sound and intention has always been one of the hardest tasks behind the drum kit. That’s why Blues has always been home to some of the grooviest drummers in the scene. Four times winner of ‘Drummer of the Year’ in the

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Brian Frasier-Moore

In don’t think Brian Frasier-Moore needs any introduction anymore. His CV, with names like Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, The Whitehead Brothers, Aaliyah, Usher, Jill Scott and Pattie LaBelle (to name a few), absolutely speaks for itself. I had the pleasure of catching Brian via Skype between his shows in New York. Let’s very

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Ross Harris

On his way to joining the list of the UK’s most in demand session drummers, Ross Harris already played for top artists from all kinds of genres. With names like James Arthur, Tricky, Duke Dumont, Laura Welsh, Union J, Maverick Sabre, and Josh Osho on his CV (to name a few), he is currently in

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Ben Kennedy

  Since his first professional gig with Ladyhawke in 2009, UK drummer Ben Kennedy has already collected an impressive list of artists he has worked with. Since 2014, he's been providing the groove for UK pop artist Foxes and has just finished recording drums for her new album, after a year and a half of

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Jamie Morrison

  Besides the huge success as an original member of the Noisettes, Jamie Morrison has played the likes of Duffy, Brian Adams, Emelie Sande, Sia and many more of the biggest artists in the industry. On top of that workaholic Jamie runs his own label, works as a producer and writer and designs his own

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Mikey Sorbello

Swung, loud and being a tiny bit crazy has characterised rock’n’roll drumming since its beginnings. Whereas many bands today took the genre and modernised it, there is one Australian combo sticking to the raw original style. Hailing from London, The Graveltones have just released their second album and are on the way around Europe to

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Pete Cater

Big Band drumming is becoming somewhat of a rare art amongst young drummers today, despite the fact that we have all been influenced (to different degrees) by the playing of Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa or learned from the books of Louie Bellson and John Riley. One of the UK drummers keeping the spirit alive

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Dave Ohm

Today Dave Ohm is one of the most recognised names in the UK jazz scene. He has worked with Benny Golson, Gregory Porter, Wessel Anderson, Claire Martin and makes regular appearances with the Ronnie Scott’s house band. But his career path hasn’t always been a smooth one. After 25 years in the business Dave has

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Satnam Ramgotra

Satnam Ramgotra is a great example of how big the drumming world is. You probably haven't heard of him - he doesn't get any coverage in our drum magazines - but I am sure most of you have heard him play. He has a studio at Hans Zimmer's studio "Remote Control Productions" where he writes

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Gavin Harrison

  Its been a few years since I last had the chance to sit down and do an interview with Gavin. He has finally found time to record an album he's been planning for a very long time which is something a little different. If you are already a Porcupine Tree fan you might already

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