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Module v VSTi Part 2

Ok, so we left off last time talking about the fact that modules (or rather most of them), have limited storage for the samples, and computers have much more, but thats not strictly true as we'll see. Before we go on, there's one very important thing to think about. Acoustic drums will NEVER sound the

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DW Drums Hosts “Family Reunion”

Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) hosted a day of memories and storytelling featuring some of the world’s most notable drummers, all of whom have also been dedicated supporters of the DW Drums for decades. “With the reissue of our original maple Santa Monica shell, we felt this would be the perfect opportunity to reminisce with the

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Young Drummer Of The Year 2020 Top 40 Announced!

Congratulations to everyone who entered 2020 Young Drummer Of The Year, sponsored by DW Drums, Meinl cymbals, Remo drumheads and GEWA drum cases. Here, in no particular order, are the top 40 entries. The final 10 will be announced on Tuesday 11th December. If your name does appear on the list below, please make sure we have your (up-to-date) phone

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Mapex UK welcomes Andrew Scott to their artist roster

Having recently joined British Blues Rock group, King King, he is currently in the studio recording the bands next album before hitting the road in 2020. Hailing from St.Andrews, Scotland, Andrew’s passion for music began with the piano and bagpipes before he realised his appetite for drums. He went on to study Music at Glasgow

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Drum Workshop Acquires Slingerland from Gibson

Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) recently announced the acquisition of the Slingerland drum brand from Gibson, the Nashville-headquartered guitar icon. Principals from both companies inked the undisclosed deal that will see the Slingerland name be shepherded by the award-winning, California-based custom drum maker. “No question Slingerland is one of the great American drum brands. It’s also near

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Techra Carbon Drum Sticks added to Active Music Product Portfolio

Active Music are proud to announce the addition of Techra Carbon Drum Sticks to there current portfolio of products. Developed in Italy, using a unique manufacturing process, Techra Carbon Drum Sticks offer today’s drummer a more durable drum stick. Techra’s mission is to offer drummers new expression opportunities using innovative materials and concepts. Available in

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Module v VSTi

Circuit boards, whether inside a drum module or a computer, all do the same thing. So whats the difference? More and more electronic drum users seems to be using VSTi instruments now, from club drummers up to massive stadium bands (see later), but why? What's better? How does it work? So this month

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Yamaha launch Rec’n’Share app for Android

Ever since its introduction, the award winning Yamaha EAD10 acoustic-electronic drum module has captivated drummers around the world. A part of the musicians’ fascination with the system is enhanced with Yamaha’s Rec’n’Share app for shooting and editing videos of performances and sharing them on social media. Rec’n’Share is a free app and is now also

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Simmons Launch SD1200

Simmons, the first name in electronic drum kits, has introduced its new SD1200 Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit, aimed at the advanced drummer. The SD1200 comes with the Simmons Signature Sound Library, an expansive 764-sound collection of drum kits and snares. The new kit includes a 12-inch, dual-zone snare; two 8-inch and one 10-inch, dual zone

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