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Vintage View May 2018

Mark Jeffs will be returning next month with more Vintage View goodies, but is currently juggling a new born baby (Congratulations!) and a trip to the 28th Annual Chicago Drum Show. We all wish Mark well on his ventures (fatherhood and drum shows!), and we'll see you back here very soon. All at MD.com

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Regal Tip back on the beat with new Performer series drumsticks

  Regal Tip have released the latest additions to their growing artist signature range, with the arrival of four new Performer Series drumsticks. Designed by drummers, for drummers, the Performer Series contains customised specs, fulfilling the vision of the signature artist. The latest additions to the Performer Series include the Jason Sutter signature SSJSDM mallet,

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Backstage with Mark Schulman (Pink)

In the next episode of the ‘Backstage with…’ series, Mike talks to one of the most enthusiastic drummers out there - Mark Schulman, drummer with Pink. In this episode, Mike caught up with Mark in the rehearsals before the latest Pink tour - the Beautiful Trauma Tour which runs from March to September 2018.  Mark talks through

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Rejection Time

Ok, so time for another setting you might have seen inside you module that you might not be 100% clear about. Lets look at Reject Time. Lets imagine you put a trigger on an acoustic drum. And lets say (just for fun) its a big, low tuned 16” tom. Now, lets say that you dont

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Roy Mayorga Moves To Vater

Vater are excited to welcome Roy Mayorga as a Vater Drumstick Artist! Many know Roy as the hard hitting, rock solid, energetic guy on the kit for Stone Sour, but he is also a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and engineer. Some of Roy's various credits include Soulfly, Crisis, Dave Navarro, Nausea, and many more. Roy and Stone Sour hit the

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Porter & Davies Systems Now Stocked By One Hundred Backline Companies

Porter and Davies tactile monitoring rigs are now being stocked by more than one hundred backline companies worldwide; a direct result of significant growth in product development and sales and the company’s strengthening market leadership With more and more requests being made for Porter & Davies systems, the list of companies stocking the company’s units has recently grown

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New From Hudson and Pete Lockett – Bars, Beats & Building Blocks

  An extensive toolbox to expand your rhythm concepts, creativity, and understanding. With Bars, Beats & Building Blocks, internationally acclaimed percussionist and drummer Pete Lockett provides a system for practicing, internalizing and thinking about rhythms that will increase your command, creativity, and rhythmic understanding on the drums. Using a system of “partitions,” Pete challenges you to take

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Drum Day – Saturday April 28th – 15.30-21.00

  DRUM DAY with 5 hard working professional Drummers. Sat, April 28, 2018, 3:30 PM – 9:00 PM BST Karamel Restaurant, 4 Coburg Road, London, N22 6UJ £25 = £5 per drummer. For concessions, low wage, students etc see below £15 Special offer for school block booking. This day will consist of a short interview,

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Drum Fantasy Camp – August 2018

Join Billy Cobham (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Todd Sucherman (Styx), Matt Garstka (Animals As Leaders), and Robert "Sput" Searight (Snarky Puppy) for Drum Fantasy Camp: August 10-14 at Vic's Drum Shop in Chicago! Drum Fantasy Camp is an amazing experience. You spend one full day (six hours) with each of our four incredible instructors! Each class is limited to just 15

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