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West End – Doug Harper

Depping on seven different shows before scoring his own resident drum chair at only 21 years of age certainly put this months feature drummer on the list of the youngest, most in-demand West End drummers ever. Now, just over a decade later, he is an institution in London’s musical theatre scene: Doug Harper Book of

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Camille Bigeault

Photo Keivane Fadavi Odd time signatures, polyrhythms and groove illusions are a whole crazy world within music, and due to the independence and patience required, most of us will only ever scratch the surface. Camille Bigeault found her passion in exactly this topic and sharing her ideas online not only earned her thousands

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West End – Ed Carlile

From West End, to the pop world, and back to musical theatre… Ed Carlile - Waitress - Dreamgirls - Viva Forever - Jersey Boys - Desperately Seeking Susan - Little Shop of Horrors - Having played the drums from a young age Ed Carlile didn’t really consider making music his career and despite playing in

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Ben Thomas

Photo Dave Phillips Breaking through as a new artist can be tough enough, but making it from the first tour in a small van to the big stages of the world is an experience only a few session drummers will take part in. An exception is Ben Thomas. Hailing from Brighton, Ben has

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West End Theatre Drummers – Alice Angliss

The West End scene - even more so than the rest of the music industry - is still dominated by male musicians. While female drummers are rare in London’s pits, female MDs are even rarer. One musical setting an example with an all-female band on stage is ‘Six’ - a modern retelling of the lives

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Ali Richardson

Photo - Tom JD Armstrong Hailing from Glasgow, Metalcore band ‘Bleed From Within’ have been making waves on the UK Metal scene for almost 15 years - and while there are many incredible Metal drummers out there, few manage to approach the genre with the musicality of Ali Richardson. Growing up listening to

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West End Theatre Drummers – Andy McGlasson

London’s West End is a unique place. With over 15 million visitors and more than 18,700 shows performed in 2018, this little half square mile of London undoubtedly is the world’s capital of musical theatre. While this is great for tourists and musical theatre fans, it’s even better for us - drummers - because it

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Tommy Igoe

With over half a million distributed copies of his poster ‘Groove Essentials’, Tommy Igoe has made his way onto the walls of thousands of young drummers, music schools and rehearsal studios. The corresponding books and DVD’s have influenced the musical education of pretty much every drummer, and have become somewhat of a ‘bible’ for everybody

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Neal Wilkinson

The name Neal Wilkinson certainly doesn’t need much introduction. Known and in-demand for his unique sound, feel and stylistic diversity, he has had a solid place in the UK session scene since the mid 80s, which soon saw him working on both sides of the Atlantic. After a busy few years in Los Angeles, Wilkinson

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Donavan Hepburn

Photo - Tobias Miorin In a competitive industry full of top players, a drummer who gets to keep a gig for over 13 years must be special. Introducing Donavan Hepburn… From his early beginnings playing in church in his home town of Birmingham, Hepburn soon found himself drawn towards London where professional gigs

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