Latin Percussion Launches New Range of Frame Drums

Latin Percussion Launches New Range of Frame Drums


1st August, 2023 – Oxnard, (CA) Latin Percussion (LP) continue to develop their collection of world percussion instruments with introduction of a new range of Frame Drums to include the Tar and Bendir.


Based on some of the most ancient musical instruments the new Tar and Bendir frame drums have been designed and crafted to honour the traditional instruments of North Africa and the Middle East. They are played in a vertical stance on the lap using mainly one hand for accented beats and the other to hold the position and add finger rolls.


Percussionist Randy Gloss, winner of Drum! magazine readers poll Award for Best Percussion Ensemble, has assisted LP in the design of the new Frame Drums. He and his percussion group can be seen playing them here


LP’s Tar frame drum is available in two depths, 2-½” and 4”, while the Bendir frame drum is available in 4” depth only. The 2-½” Tar is constructed using an 11-ply Poplar shell while the 4” Tar and Bendir are built from a 6-ply Poplar shell with a 12-ply tuning ring. The Bendir version has adjustable strings attached to the frame to act as a snare and create a buzzing sound when the drum is struck.


All the frame drums are tunable, offered in diameters of 14”, 16”, 18”, and 20” and finished in Black Fade. Each features comfy, rounded thumb slots with through-shell tuning systems for easy playing and long-term durability. The synthetic head provides long-lasting pitch and an Easy-Clip enables a tuning key to be safely stored on the drum without interrupting playing. Each drum includes a tuning key and carry bag.

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