Drum Workshop 45th Anniversary ‘Sapphire’ Kit

I could probably try and come up with lots of clever word plays and adjectives to describe how the drums in question here look, but would I see that as rather pointless in this instance as they kind of do it for themselves. These drums are wonderfully detailed, handcrafted and made with absolutely high end materials which aren’t used on a day to day basis in drum making. 

The DW 45th anniversary “Sapphire” drums were inspired by violin maker Antonio Stradivari. These finely-crafted drums are constructed from hand-picked Norwegian Spruce and select European Sycamore. Laser-cut inlays adorn each shell which are finished in a Natural-to-Candy Black Burst Lacquer Specialty finish.

The sizes are 22×18” bass drum, 10×8”, 12×9” rack toms, 14×12”, 16×14” floor toms with a 14×6.5” snare drum.

The drums are both beautiful and exceptionally created. The inlays depict the DW logo, numerals for the number 45 and f-holes (as in what you would find in violins and cellos) denoting the lineage of the wood. They also have special 45th anniversary badges in a distinctive blue finish. 

The hardware includes DW’s True-Hoops, True-Pitch 50 tension rods, STM mounts, and a MAG throw off with three position butt plate on the snare. DW’s double-ply smooth white heads come as standard on the tops of the toms with clear single plies on the bottom, a clear/ebony logo combination on the kick drum and a coated/hazy mixture on the snare. The sound they give out is fat and creamy and each drum sounds bigger than it actually is. They are also easy to tune. 

As you would expect, these drums are flawless and about as high end as you’ll ever get but the price does also reflect that. They’re also very limited in number as far as production goes as well.

For more info, check out HERE 

I would also recommend watching the accompanying video on how these drums were conceived and created if you want more background.

David Bateman

August 2017

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