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Gibraltar Hardware

There’s been a resurgence in the last few years involving lightweight, flat-based stands. Gibraltar’s take on this has included both straight and boom cymbal stands, a snare stand (which wasn’t available for the video) and a hihat stand.  I’ve been using flat based cymbal stands for a while, albeit from a different manufacturer. I like

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Gretsch Brooklyn Drum Kit

Over the last sixteen years I’ve reviewed many Gretsch drums, both kits and snares, and yet I’ve still never owned a Gretsch drum myself. I’m not sure why as I’ve pretty much always enjoyed them. The configuration we tried this time round was from the Brooklyn series (GB-J484) and had a 12x8 rack tom, 14x14

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Zildjian S Family Cymbals

We recently got to try some of the [still] fairly new S Family cymbals. The S Family is a series made from B12 bronze. The series are lathed top and bottom, are quite heavily hammered and have a brilliant (shiny) finish.   The cymbals featured in the video are 14” Mastersound hihats, 18” Trash crash,

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Tama HP50 Classic Pedal

I’ve noticed the chatter on some drum forums that many people seem to have got excited about this new bass drum pedal. At first glance, this may seem a bit of an odd design. That said though, this isn’t actually a new design for Tama, or indeed in general, as the upward facing spring housing

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Meinl Pure Alloy Cymbal Selection

It was only fairly recently that I started to see the name Pure Alloy popping up.  Now, I accept I may have missed something somewhere, but it did seem to me that these cymbals kind of just came out of nowhere, and were then just here like they’d been around for ages. It’s probably just

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Sia 12×7″ Red Gum Snare Drum

So this is my second foray into the world of Sia drums, the first being here. That original drum I reviewed had a certain feel to it and this drum has that same feel. It’s a good feel too; solid and quite reassuring I would say. The drum, as you’ll have seen, is made from

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Kentville Drums Kangaroo Drum Heads

  Kentville Drums is an Australian company who make and restore drums, and also produces traditionally made heads from ethically sourced kangaroo hides. The heads the company offers are available in standard sizes from 10” through to 24”, and common pre-international sizes (to suit vintage British drums), from 9 5/8” through to 21 5/8”. Odd

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Zildjian Avedis Cymbals

These are what I would call ‘proper’ cymbals. They’re ‘proper’ cymbals because they have a look, a feel and a vibe about them; real character, and that’s even before you play them. I love cymbals like that. Just like the Kerope line that came out a few years ago, the Avedis line was designed to

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DW Stainless Steel Collectors Drum Kit

Stainless steel drum kits aren’t exactly new, but it is a fairly new thing for Drum Workshop. The review kit consisted of 12x9” mounted tom, 14x12 and 16x14” floor toms, 22x18 bass drum and a 14x6.5 snare drum. The mounted tom featured DW’s STM mount, while the floor toms were on legs, and all of

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Gibraltar Quick Release Hi Hat Clutch

A hi hat clutch, hardly the most exciting of things. But, if you’re a gigging drummer you’ll know and appreciate the importance of having solid, reliable and practical gear to make life that little bit easier when you’re playing. As I said, a hi hat clutch is hardly the most exciting piece of equipment on

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