Dynamic Beaters – FlexBeater

Flex Beaters are the invention of Rich Farago who designed them to improve drummer’s ergonomics while performing.

Each beater has a flexion – the red or purple plastic part between the beater and shaft – which flexes when the beater comes into contact with the bass drum head. The purple flexion is slightly more flexible than the red version.

What the flexion does is essentially soften the impact of the contact and also provides a spring movement improving the response.

We were sent two versions of the Flex Beater with slightly different weights of beater head (the number you’ll see written on the beater itself) and two variants of the flexion, but with both having a 7 3/4” long shaft. A longer 8 1/4” shaft is also available.

To use, the Flex Beaters definitely provided me with two things – improved bounce and a slightly cushioned playing experience.

Admittedly, I don’t have any physical issues when playing the bass drum, however, I know someone who does. Having also tried the Flex Beaters, he assures me that they do really help him with his ankle pain when playing.

As far as the playing experience goes though, anything other than a straight single stoke was genuinely enhanced and made a little easier and more smooth with either model.

I’ve been trying these beaters both live and at home for a few months. During that time, I was surprised at how noticeable the difference is between regular felt beaters (or indeed, beaters in general) and the Flex Beaters; they really do work.

The beaters we were sent were from the initial run which sold out, but I understand that they are now in full production. Rich has also told me that other beater type models are being lined up too.

For more details and info on how to purchase, check out – https://dynamicbeaters.com

David Bateman 

January 2019

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