Gibraltar Hardware – Pro Lite Range

So in this final venture into the land of hardware we look at a few offerings by Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a name you’ll probably be familiar with as the company has been around for ages and has always been a go to brand for hardware of all types. All of the stands in this review are from Gibraltar’s Pro Lite range ( which are all single-braced and designed with weight in mind. 

Hi hat stand

This is designed to be lightweight, and lightweight it is, coming in at just over 7lbs. Compared to the last two hi hat stands I looked at, this one was almost comical in build terms; it’s almost tiny in comparison.

The stand’s height range is 29 1/2” to 36 1/2” which should be useful enough for everyone. I like to go a little lower sometimes with my hi hat positioning and I found this one to be quite comfortable in that regard.

The tripod height has been lowered to allow for easier break down and storage without the need to take it apart and you can rotate the legs to accommodate a double pedal. The footplate is a good size and you also get the Gibraltar Quick Release hi hat clutch, which is something I use already, like a lot and have covered separately.

Although this is a lighter weight design, I still found it to be good and sturdy in use with no noticeable wobble or movement.

Snare drum stand

The Pro Lite snare stand is equipped with a single braced tripod, which is designed to cut down on the weight of a double braced version. The basket angle can be changed with a geared tilter and adjusted with a knob that is intended to fit comfortably in your hand.

The height range is 14 1/2” to 22 1/2” which I found was just low enough for me to play a 14×8” drum without really having to tilt it in towards me. 

Coming in at 5lbs 10oz, this stand will take 8″ to 14″ drums with metal hoops.

Boom cymbal stand

The Pro Lite boom stand has a 16” arm can be adjusted with the single point boom tilter. 

The stand itself can be adjusted to easily reach over 6 foot high which isn’t bad going. It also comes with the Gibraltar Quick Release Cymbal Lock which I found to be nice looking and a good idea but it was a little stiff to use, although being brand new probably had something to do with that.

The full height range is 31 3/4” to 70” and the weight is 7lbs 7oz.

The disappearing boom arm works well and I like the 16” length and that it’s quite thick. It isn’t overly long but it’s long enough to get in where it needs to and still support the cymbal.

Straight cymbal stand

The straight cymbal stand comes in with a 29 1/4” to 58 3/4” height range, which feels quite average in that respect. You also get the Gibraltar Quick Release Cymbal Lock and geared cymbal tilter. The weight is 5lbs 14oz. 

There’s not much to it, it’s a straight stand, but if you need to know, it works…

So overall, I think these stands are pretty good for what they offer.

Ok, they are fairly basic in design and intent but they’re very functional, nicely weighted and price-friendly. Despite being lightweight though, the cymbal stands have wide leg bases which provide stability – and I would guess, peace of mind too – plus the big rubber feet leave all of the stands feeling solid.

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David Bateman

March 2021

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