Gretsch Renown

In 2016, the Gretsch Renown line was redesigned with working drummers in mind.

The kit featured in the video is the configuration in silver oyster pearl; a 24×14 bass drum, 13×9 mounted tom, 16×16 floor tom and a matching 14×6.5 snare. The shells are made from 7 ply maple, with 30 degree bearing edges and 302 hoops on the toms and snare, with maple hoops on the kick and matching inlay. 

On the kit hardware-wise, the rack tom comes with a suspension mount, the bass drum has a tom holder, and all the drums have low mass lugs. The heads were all by Remo, the toms having clear Emperors on top and Ambassadors on the bottom, the snare a coated Ambassador with a hazy snare side head and the bass drum had a clear Powerstroke batter head with a white logo head on the front. The snare was wide open, the toms had a small piece of muffling gel on each drum and the bass drum was unmuffled.

The Renown series is available in six finishes in various configurations, with or without a snare drum.

If you want to expand your Renown kit, Gretsch also makes single drums available as add-ons so you have the option to add a 14×5 snare, 8 to 18” toms and kicks in 18 to 22 if you wanted.

Overall, these drums provide good quality for a nice price and have a full sound, with the option to expand as or when you need to.

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Thanks to GEWA music GmbH Germany for their help with this review.

David Bateman

October 2017

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