Gruv-X X-Click

You might feel there’s something familiar about the new X-Click and you’d be right. Indeed, the same can be said about the two names behind the X-Click, Russ Miller and Bill Detamore.

The X-Click comes off the back of a product Russ designed with his old drum company. These proved to be very popular and, in recent years, quite in demand as well, commanding arguably high prices for what they are. I have had one for a long time and use it when I need a little more focus and clarity with a rim click when recording.

So the X-Click itself is a 24-ply American rock maple and copper hoop-mounted rim, with a proprietary new design for mounting, called the “Mono Mount”. This mounting system allows you to use drums from a 10” 6 -lug, to a 15” 8-lug and as well as everything in between. 

In addition to this, Gruv-X also has the “Mono-Mount Expansion pack” which works with the X-Click. This pack includes two additional mono mounts, which allow the player to have cross stick sounds on a drum as small as 8”. The expansion pack also allows the user to adjust the distance from the drum for longer stick lengths should you need this.

The company says that the combination maple/copper design gives expanded volume and boosted low-frequencies. I have to admit, when I realised there was copper sandwiched in with the wood, I was curious as to what it added.

Ok, so I think the reworking of the design works well. 

The X-Click is more compact than its predecessor but still feels just as solid. The sound it produces is clear and loud, and the fact that it can be used on such a wide range of sizes is great. I tried it on a 12×7 drum, which by its nature, is generally less pronounced in volume. It fitted very easily to the drum and the sound it provides allows consistency when using different drums of varying sizes. 

Overall, although there are a few similar products now out on the market which wasn’t the case when this sort of thing first hit the scene, I still think this will do well.

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David Bateman

May 2021

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