Mapex Snares Review – Heartbreaker, Equinox and Cherry Bomb

Mapex Heartbreaker

Mapex has been hard at it again.

All three of these snare drums come with Remo USA heads top and bottom and Puresound wires, which I really liked as it means you can get great sounds straight out of the box and not have to spend more money replacing cheaper parts. A big plus there and great on Mapex’s part. All three of the review drums were well made and offer different things to each other both sound-wise and visually.

The Heartbreaker 14×6” snare is made with an all-mahogany shell, with reinforcement rings. It is designed to provide dark, rustic and throaty sounds but then also easily fit within todays more organic alternative styles. Sonically, it works across the board. 

Mapex Equinox

The Equinox 14×5” snare features a North American maple shell, reinforcement rings off-set lugs and single-flanged hoops, something else I liked in terms of visually and how they affected the drum. This drum came with a Fiberskyn head – the other two had more regular coated Ambassadors – and is fairly dry and provides a clean sound all round.  

The Cherry Bomb 14×6” snare is a reworked version of the original Cherry Bomb drum. The shell is medium-thick and the soft density of the cherry absorbs higher overtones, and delivers a warm, focused tone and a punchy backbeat. The drum is snappy at a higher tension and fat when tuned lower. This drum is also available in a 13×5.5” size.

Mapex Cherrybomb

There’s nothing not to like here and I couldn’t find any negatives with any of the drums. These drums are ready to go, are professional quality items and are reasonably priced too which makes them winners all round. 

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David Bateman

September 2017 

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