New Mapex Snares For 2020 Part II

Ok, so this update is part two of our look at the new Black Panther snares from Mapex.

Picking up from where we left off, first we have the…


The Metallion is a 14×5.5″ 1.2mm seamed brass drum with SONIClear bearing edges. It has a brushed/gloss finish and staggered offset B-lugs. Like all the other drums, it has Remo heads top and bottom and comes with 20-strand wires.

This drum was one of the ones which made me take notice of this range. It had a great tuning ability, felt very solid to play and had a powerful sound at all three tensionings. This was one of my favorites and for my preferences, one the strongest drums of the group. 


The Nucleus is a 14×5.5” drum, with an 8 ply/8.1mm maple/walnut/maple shell finished in piano black with chrome hardware. 

It has SONIClear 45’ bearing edges, staggered 1/8″ offset locking B-lugs, Sonic Saver hoops, 20 strand wires and cylinder-drive strainer. 

Visually, this is the type of drum that would probably fit into most kits, since, of course, black goes with everything. 

Sound-wise, I think this is another good all-rounder, with a nice clean, precise and crisp sound at higher and medium tunings, and a more full bodied ‘snarey’ sound lower down.


This is the thickest shelled drum of the line and comes in at 11mm and 11plies of maple. The shell has a rounded 45’ centre cut with a SONIClear 3/8” outer cut as well. You also get Sonic Saver hoops and 20-strand wires.

It is finished a nice looking red to black burst with chrome hardware and for me looks much better in person than the photos might suggest.

This drum has a slightly more controlled and focussed sound. Despite its thicker shell (which would generally give a higher fundamental tone – thicker shell = higher pitch and less resonance), it still managed to sound solid enough at a low tension, but I really liked it at medium to higher tensionings.


This a 14×5.5″ maple/walnut drum. 

It comes with a 6.15mm/7ply shell, SONIClear bearing edges, 20-strand wires and is finished in a natural gloss with brushed black hardware including Sonic Saver hoops. The double-ended B lugs and outer ply work really well with the darker hardware.

I found the sound of this model to be controlled and vibrant, with a drier sound and plenty of attack.


With a dark grey finish and chrome hardware, this 14×5″ 6mm/6 ply maple drum has SONIClear bearing edges, offset lugs and 20-strand wires. It also has triple flanged power hoops and a cylinder-drive snare mechanism.

As with many maple drums, this for me is one of those ‘do it all’ snares; it’ll go high and low and pretty much sounds convincing anywhere.

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David Bateman

December 2020

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