PDP Bass Drum Pedal Selection

PDP Bass Drum Pedal Selection

More recently, I’ve been trying out some more new pedals from PDP; the single and double versions of the 700, 800 and Concept series.

The 700 series is a single chain design. The pedal features a large bass plate, a two-way beater and a concentric cam. The hoop clamp is a fairly basic with a more traditional no-frills design, but it works and I had no issues with it.

The 800 series is a slight step up from the 700 line as it has a couple of enhanced features, although that’s not to downplay the 700s at all. It is largely the same as the 700, the main differences being the cam/beater housing is a little more substantial and the double chain.

The Concept series models feature a fully tricked out direct drive or double chain design.

These pedals were clearly at the high end of the scale.

A single post design – the double version is essentially two single posts rather than a one piece configuration — they come with DW/PDP’s Control Beater(s) and a magnetic drum key which fits onto the bass plate. The hoop clamp is much more elaborate than on the 700 and 800 models, and ultimately, I think, is easier to use. Overall, it’s a nice, neat design which works well.

Within the box you also get different beater head options as well as weights, and a hex key to use.

I liked all of these pedals and found them to be really easy to use. They all felt solid, the springs were nice and strong, the beaters produced a good punch and the double pedal linkages had no obvious latency or wobble.

Probably my favourite out of all of the pedals I tried was the direct drive double model. I enjoy direct drive pedals because of the way they feel. One of my first pro-level pedals was a direct drive model and I used it for years, and I’ve subsequently picked up a few more similar offerings since.

I also like that all of these pedals have been well thought out and reflect more modern playing techniques, i.e. the smooth, longer footplate. In addition, it’s nice that several different levels and needs have been catered for within the different models. And, while I don’t normally comment on pricing, it seems they’re priced pretty well too, given what they are and what you get.

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