Q Drum Gentleman 14×7″ Brass Snare

Q Drum Co’s Gentleman Series consists of brass, copper and aluminium snare drums.

The review drum features a 14×7” 16 gauge (1.29mm) seamless spun brass shell with a raw finish. 

The drum also has 8 lugs, 2.3mm hoops, chrome hardware, a Trick GS007 throw off and butt plate, and 25 strand wires. It’s heavy enough but not overly heavy. The heads are both by Remo – a coated CS batter and an Ambassador snare side.

To look at, the drum has a level of familiarity to it, but still retains its own distinct character.

At a moderate tensioning it has a beautiful pure ring to it which lasts until the next stroke. This tightens up the higher the tension. The sound is loud and fat but the drum itself remains sensitive with plenty of body. This isn’t the most ‘in your face’ drum that you can buy, but what it might lack in bite, it more than makes up for in tone.

This is a well made, great sounding drum. It has plenty of sonic and visual character and would make an excellent live drum. In the studio, that long decay might need taming slightly for most applications, but with just a small amount of muffling, it would be a great ballad drum.

It might not be the most well rounded model in terms of being able to do everything, but for me, it does what it does really well. The raw finish is intended to patina over time which means the look will evolve. It is a professional level drum, which means it’s not cheap, but it is an investment at the same time.

More at – http://qdrumco.com

David Bateman

August 2018

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