Remo Classic Fit and Felt Tone Heads

A classic fit for toms and snare.

The new Classic Fit heads are designed to fit older/vintage drums more comfortably. This is because many, if not most, drum shells these days are slightly undersized to allow the head to both seat better and to allow better overall resonance.

Remo gave us some coated and clear Classic Fit Ambassadors and some Fiberskyn Diplomat models to try out and so with these in hand, I put them on my 1964 Slingerland kit.

The drums themselves are a 14×5.5” snare, 13×9” rack tom and a 16×16” floor tom. The coated Ambassadors and Fiberskyn heads were used as batters, while the clear Ambassadors were resonant heads. The snare drum had a Classic Fit snare side head on it.

All of these heads fit my drums really well. They seated with no problems and when under tension seemed to stay in tune nicely as well. This was over the course of a few hours playing spaced over a couple of weeks. 

I enjoyed the tones these heads produced and they give the respective model’s expected tonal qualities at both higher and lower tunings. But, that’s quite obviously the point. They were very easy to seat on the [flat] bearing edges of my drums and then tune.  In addition, I had no issue with the finish coming off on the coated heads, as sometimes is the case.

All in all, while I’ve never really had any issues with heads fitting on these particular drums, I have come across regular heads being tight on other drums I’ve had. These heads address that potential issue well. Very nice.

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