Tama SLP Fat Spruce

Tama’s SLP line has been a round for a while now but it seems to always keep getting bigger. One of the latest additions is the Fat Spruce snare came out not too long ago. 

It’s a 14×6” model which features a 7mm, 8ply spruce shell. You also get eight brass, double-ended tube lugs, Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon wires, die cast hoops and Evans heads top and bottom. The snare wires are adjustable from both sides and the butt plate side has a quick release feature which means you don’t lose tension when changing the bottom head.

I’m not sure there’s much to fault with this drum.

Much of Tama’s product range is now made in China, and that’s the case for this drum. The result of this is a pretty decent quality product at a very affordable price. 

Even at a lower tensioning, this drum has a lovely, pure sustaining ring to it, without any nasty overtones. It’s the type of sound you don’t really need to muffle or want to kill off.

While it may be down to the hoops to a degree, the drum is nice to handle. It’s loud and sounds good and works well with a band. There’s plenty of body and attack to it and the tuning range is quite wide. It feels very solid to play. You can lay into it and it feels powerful, yet it’s sensitive as well. On top of that, the wild satin spruce finish is pretty cool to look at. 

Unlike some more modestly-priced drums, this particular model strikes me as being a package – looks, sounds and features – all together. And the most important part of that package is that it doesn’t cost much either.

More from the Tama site here 

David Bateman

June 2018


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