Trick Dominator Bass Drum Beater

Bass drum beaters may seem a bit of a dull subject; they’re not really that exciting after all. However, all beaters are not created equally, or the same.

It may be that you’ve bought a new pedal and never given the beater a second thought. Why would you when the stock beater works perfectly well? 

But, if you’re into recording yourself or play in different genres of music, you may have learned that changing the beater on your favourite pedal can vastly change the sound of your bass drum, not to mention the vibe of the kit, as well.

The Dominator is made from machined aluminium with a moveable beater which is just under 2” wide and 1” deep, and a fatigue proof 8” steel shaft. The total weight of the beater is 3.4 oz; it’s pretty light.

I used this beater on a few live gigs on my Axis longboard pedal which seems to favour lighter beaters the way I have it set up. Unlike my more regular beater, which despite using it for years felt quite heavy on this particular pedal, the Trick felt perfectly weighted when in use.

This is the first metal beater I’ve ever used.

Although I had some reservations about it because it is metal and not the usual wood or plastic (and metal hitting thin plastic to me doesn’t seem quite right), it’s pretty light but still punchy.

I imagine if you’re into fast playing and the more lightweight speed-designed beaters don’t quite pack the desired punch, then this might be a viable option. If you’re more like me and don’t do a lot of fast playing, then the Trick offers something a little lighter and different at an affordable price.

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David Bateman

June 2018

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