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Derby Drummer Neil Cooper Launches Music Tutor’s Hero Website

Derby drummer Neil Cooper from alternative rock band Therapy? has launched a new website ‘Music Tutor's Hero’ this week, helping self-employed music teachers deliver interactive lessons for pupils and parents whilst enhancing their teaching business. Music teachers who provide independent instrumental and vocal lessons in schools, homes and music shops across the country will have

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Sakae Rhythm Suspends Business

It is always terrible to report on the closure of a drum brand, and one which so many drummers have been exposed to, but sadly now is the time we must do this. Drum manufacturer Sakae Rhythm, known for making drums under the Sakae brand name, and previously supplier of professional ranges to Yamaha from

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Crosstalk Rejection

Asking for trouble? Ok, so its not what I said we'd look at this time, but in the last few days a crosstalk issue cropped up with someone who got hold of me through the site for advice, so I though it would be fitting to have a look at it. So Crosstalk

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Richie Gajate-Garcia Receives Honorary Doctorate

Percussionist, educator, author and mentor Richie Gajate-Garcia has received an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois in recognition of his contributions in the areas of the Arts and music education.. A long-time endorser of Latin Percussion, Dr. Gajate Garcia is one of the world’s most in-demand percussionists and educators. He

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Stanton Moore SMDA – May 2018 – The Thing-A-Ma-Jig

Hello! and welcome back to the next lesson on mikedolbear.com from my Stanton Moore Drum Academy! These will give you an idea and a taster of what you can find over at SMDA. Following on from last month's What-Ya-Ma-Call-It, in this lesson, I cover another fun rhythmic phrase I came up with to apply an Elvin

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Vintage View May 2018

Mark Jeffs will be returning next month with more Vintage View goodies, but is currently juggling a new born baby (Congratulations!) and a trip to the 28th Annual Chicago Drum Show. We all wish Mark well on his ventures (fatherhood and drum shows!), and we'll see you back here very soon. All at MD.com

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Regal Tip back on the beat with new Performer series drumsticks

  Regal Tip have released the latest additions to their growing artist signature range, with the arrival of four new Performer Series drumsticks. Designed by drummers, for drummers, the Performer Series contains customised specs, fulfilling the vision of the signature artist. The latest additions to the Performer Series include the Jason Sutter signature SSJSDM mallet,

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Backstage with Mark Schulman (Pink)

In the next episode of the ‘Backstage with…’ series, Mike talks to one of the most enthusiastic drummers out there - Mark Schulman, drummer with Pink. In this episode, Mike caught up with Mark in the rehearsals before the latest Pink tour - the Beautiful Trauma Tour which runs from March to September 2018.  Mark talks through

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Rejection Time

Ok, so time for another setting you might have seen inside you module that you might not be 100% clear about. Lets look at Reject Time. Lets imagine you put a trigger on an acoustic drum. And lets say (just for fun) its a big, low tuned 16” tom. Now, lets say that you dont

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Roy Mayorga Moves To Vater

Vater are excited to welcome Roy Mayorga as a Vater Drumstick Artist! Many know Roy as the hard hitting, rock solid, energetic guy on the kit for Stone Sour, but he is also a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and engineer. Some of Roy's various credits include Soulfly, Crisis, Dave Navarro, Nausea, and many more. Roy and Stone Sour hit the

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