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Jason Sutter

Not often have I met a drummer who has such an extensive and diverse biography: music education, orchestral percussion, jazz, pop, musical theatre, producer, actor, arranger, clinician, art consultant… Jason Sutter can do it all. On top of that he’s one of the most in demand rock drummers America has to offer, having worked for

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Hal Blaine

I don’t really know Hal Blaine, the man, although I would love to. I have bumped into him at American music shows during my Arbiter ‘AT’ days although we never got a chance to talk about drums, drummers and drumming. But what I do know about him is his playing, having during my lifetime played

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Jon Dette

  What fascinates us about metal music. The heavy guitars? The screaming vocals? Sure that’s nice, but what would metal music be without heavy, fast, frantic drums?! One of the masters of that field is Jon Dette. We all have those first albums we started playing drums too, but Jon managed to go from teaching

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Liam Kearley

In a time where most music just seems a tiny bit too polished to make it radio friendly, one Brighton based band delivers an answer. Since their debut album ‘Statues’ hit the market in 2016, prog-rockers Black Peaks success has been on a straight incline taking them from playing Brighton's little bars straight to Wembley

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Earl Palmer

  Earl Palmer has a history which anyone would envy. If you were writing a Hollywood screen- play about a famous drummer who came from humble beginnings, his life story would fit the bill perfectly. He was born on October 25th, 1924 and began his performing-life as a tap dancer on the streets of the

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Buddy Harman

  Murrey Mizzell ‘Buddy’ Harman was born in Nashville on December 23rd 1928 when Music City must have been a completely different, much smaller and far more rural place. His parents were both musicians and his mother was actually a drummer. He assumed the first name Buddy as an homage to his favourite drummer –

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Jost Nickel

  The first time we interviewed Jost Nickel for mikedolbear.com was in 2012, when he appeared at Meinl Festival alongside Benny Greb and Onkel as ‘Drio’. A lot has changed since then; although Jost is still one of Germany’s top musicians, most notably playing for chart busting singer Jan Delay for the last decade, he

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  Another name for the list of ‘UK’s hardest working drummers’ is Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard. Besides having a busy touring and recording schedule he also works as a songwriter, producer and runs his own ‘Sunshine Corner Studio’. After having been the first live drummer for Robbie Williams solo career, Smiley's career exploded and got him

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Jack Parnell

John Russell ‘Jack’ Parnell was born into a showbiz family in London’s Paddington on August 6th, 1923. His mother was an accomplished classical pianist who accompanied his father, Russ Carr, who was a ventriloquist - as indeed was Jack’s grandfather Fed Russell. One of his uncles was Val Parnell who ran all the theatres for

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Bob Hall – Catfish and the Bottlemen

  Hailing from North Wales, Catfish and the Bottlemen have been making waves for quite a while but ever since the release of their debut album, The Balcony, in 2014 the band has proven to be one of the finest acts British Indie Rock has to offer since the likes of Oasis. In the drum

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