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Freddy Sheed

Photo by Cameron Brisbane Even at just the age of 23, Freddy Sheed’s CV already holds names like The 1975, Leona Lewis, Busted, Take That, John Newman and many more. Currently on the road with Lily Allen and long-term gig The Japanese House, Freddy not only swings the sticks but also works as

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Stanton Moore

Photo Marc Pagani Stanton Moore is well known not just for being a founding member of New Orleans based jazz-funk band Galactic, but also for his vivid solo career, which has expanded well beyond the borders of his hometown, New Orleans. While releasing multiple solo records, and working with his own trio, Moore

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Jay Postones

  Prog drumming has always been in a different league. Combining the finesse of odd time signatures and intricate rhythms with the raw hard hitting of metal drumming certainly requires a special kind of skill. One UK drummer who’s got this down is Jay Postones. Spending his childhood in various bands and orchestras, Jay quickly

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Emre Ramazanoglu

Photo courtesy of Mike Banks - wwwrecordproduction.com Emre Ramazanoglu is Swiss Army Knife of music. Born and bread in Portsmouth he came to London to chase the dream of being session musician - just in time for the downfall of the session scene at the end of the '90s. Looking for ways to

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Craig Reynolds – Stray From The Path

Photo Anthony Altamura Craig Reynolds saying “going fast doesn’t do it for me anymore” already suggests that he is part of a new era of metal drummers. During his career Craig has experienced being both a band member and a session player. After touring the world with bands like Viatrophy, The Haarp Machine,

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Interview with Ralph Salmins

Photo Jonathan Stewart Ralph Salmins is one of a kind. With names like Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Madonna, James Brown, Tom Jones, Mike Oldfield, Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones, Burt Bacharach, and Alison Krauss, to name a (small) fraction of his credits, Ralph not only has one of the most extensive but

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Interview with Eric Leiderman

Eric Leiderman truly is a drummer at heart. With a couple of years international touring under his belt, he's had a good dive into the life of a professional drummer; but ultimately desiring a stable lifestyle he decided against an uncertain career in the music industry and opted for TV. Today, Eric is the producer

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