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Jeremy Stacey

As one of the UK’s top session drummers Jeremy Stacey’s long lasting career has filled his CV with some of the biggest names in the music business.  Over the years he has recorded, gigged and/or toured with the likes of Ryan Adams, Sheryl Crow, Steve Wilson, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Ethan Johns, Eric Clapton,

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Alexis Nunez – The Kooks

  Alexis Nunez is a mysterious man. Google, Facebook and most other corners of the World Wide Web don’t give much away about the young London born drummer - despite him being a regular on the worlds biggest stages. Having started his professional drumming career over a decade ago, Alexis toured and recorded for a

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Michael Schack

With his big, exuberant movements and fast, hard hitting drumming style, Michael Schack is the perfect proof that electronic drum pads can’t melt. Being a demonstrator and developer for Roland and having been one of the first to bring edrums to the live stage, Schack is widely known for his work behind the rubber tubs

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Joe Donovan

  LUU Refectory England has a long held reputation for bringing out some of the worlds finest indie bands; and Stockport based ‘Blossoms’ are out to prove this once again. Formed in 2013, with the first album in 2016, and a Mercury Price nomination in 2017, is quite a journey for a first

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Dennis Chambers

Taking his first steps behind the drum kit at the tender age of four, nobody knew back then that Dennis Chambers had set out on a career that would make him one of the most recognised names in drumming history. Joining Parliament/Funkadelic at the age of 18 really kickstarted young Dennis’ career and, together with

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Chris Maas – Mumford & Sons

Born and bred in Luxembourg, Chris Maas’ decision for a life as a pro musician came at a very young age. His dads support, his years of learning at the musical conservatory, and finally his move to London, paved the way to the big stages, and quickly raised Chris's profile on the UK drum scene.

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Emanuel Harrold – Gregory Porter

Photo courtesy of Simon Engelbert/ Photogroove Born into a family of award winning musicians, Emanuel Harrold grew up within a rich musical heritage and was exposed to a variety of instruments from a very young age. His move to New York brought him under the mentorship of drumming greats such as Bernard Purdie

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Matty Brown

Being born into a family of musicians, Matty Brown’s journey into music began even before his first birthday. Mentored by his dad and uncle, both deeply rooted in the UK music scene, he was off to a strong start, but it became far more serious when he won the Young Drummer of the Year competition

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Daru Jones

Jazz and hip hop influenced swag grooves with a hint of church background, a producer's hat on and an eye-catching set up - that’s Daru Jones. His unique style has made him an in demand drummer in his recent home base Brooklyn, NY playing for the likes of Jack White, Slum Village, Talib Kweli, Jon

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Adam Betts

Adam Betts has been shaping young drummers careers as a tutor at the renowned BIMM London for years - amongst them mine - but his work outside the class room is even more impressive. With a jazz degree from the Royal College of Music and a background in rock and funk drumming, Adam found himself

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