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Clem Cattini

Who put the beat in Johnny Kidd And The Pirates’ groundbreaking Shakin’ All Over back in 1960, or The Walker Brothers’ 1966 classic The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore?  What about Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual, or Dusty Springfield’s You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me?  Not forgetting Englebert Humperdinck’s Release Me, Love Affair’s

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Mark Brzezicki

Mark Brzezicki’s is one of those drummers whose playing is instantly recognisable. A busy musician reminiscent of Ginger Baker and Keith Moon, Brzezicki’s wealth of dynamic grooves propels songs but never detracts from them. And his aural assault has won him many friends, allies and people eager to have him play with and for them.

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Dave Mattacks

Dave at Cropredy 2007 I first became aware of Dave Mattacks when, as a teenage schoolboy, I clasped my grubby mitts on a copy of Camel’s ‘The Single Factor’. It was in the days when album-buying was a major passion for this erstwhile 13-year-old and it seemed Mattacks’ name would crop up quite a

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Bobby Elliot

Bobby Elliott in 1963 There's a subtle difference between an Oxo tin and a Cadbury's Roses box. Bobby Elliott certainly knows what it is. The Hollies' backbone used to play both in a percussive arsenal which also included odds and sods borrowed from his grandfather's plumbing business as a child. This array of "drums"

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Kevin Godley

“I’m not really a drummer,” asserts Kevin Godley laughing. “I’m a creative person who plays drums… occasionally.” But the innovative former 10cc sticksman’s enthusiasm at playing drums again after a lengthy lay-off is clearly evident. Linking up with his former schoolfriend and erstwhile Mockingbirds and 10cc cohort, Graham Gouldman, in gg06, Godley got behind a

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On the road – Cherisse’s tour diary as she takes to the road with Simple Minds

In her round up of the tour, Cherisse looks at the best bits of the Acoustic Tour In Part 5, the tour comes towards its end as the band return to the UK and Ireland Here is Part 4 as the Tour edges towards the end of its Continental leg

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Tony Meehan

Daniel Joseph Anthony 'Tony' Meehan Tony Meehan set the ball rolling as far as British Rock ‘n’ Roll drummers were concerned. It wasn’t so much that he was the first, although arguably he was, he simply was the one with the highest profile. He was on television with the guys everyone wanted to

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Rob Townsend

Rob Townsend Rob Townsend is one of those drummers who have garnered less recognition than they should have done. In fact, he fits the idea behind Mike Dolbear’s Drumming Icons to a T – celebrating those British drummers we may have forgotten in the headlong onslaught to praise American exports with their rows

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Spring and David Hockney

Spring has sprung once again friends, although long hours on the road have meant that only my right arm so far has any colour - I think they call it the truck drivers tan…? I recently returned home late from a Leicester show to find my Dad confuzzled in a corner, leant over his guitar

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Bobby Graham

Bobby Graham His was the drumbeat behind two of the most famous rock riffs of all time. Bobby Graham was there at the dawn of Britpop, playing drums on The Kinks'' breakthrough singles, ‘You Really Got Me’ and ‘All Day And All Of The Night’. And it speaks volumes that Ray Davies, lyrical

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