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NEW SERIES – Backstage with… Eric Hernandez (Bruno Mars)

This is the first of a new 'Backstage with...' series where we get to see behind the scenes with some really top flight drummers, and venture into areas that the public just never, ever see. In this first episode Mike chatted to Eric Hernandez from Bruno Mars' Band when he was in London at the

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And Don’t Forget To Bend At The Knees…

At the age of 16 after finishing school I took a music course at Oxford College of Further Education. Not to be confused with actual Oxford University (far from it, back then the College was a hotbed of underage pregnancy and underachievement...) the formative music education, and the chance to meet likeminded musicians, was invaluable

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On the road – Cherisse’s tour diary as she takes to the road with Simple Minds

In Part 5, the tour comes towards its end as the band return to the UK and Ireland Here is Part 4 as the Tour edges towards the end of its Continental leg Here is Part 3 as the Tour settles into its natural rhythm and there's time to start enjoying the down time Here

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Cherisse Osei – Tour Videos

Cherisse Osei – Tour Videos Percussionist and drummer Cherisse Osei, is currently rehearsing with Simple Minds for their Acoustic European Tour starting in the next few weeks. Being a great friend of the site (a few years back she did a tour diary for us when she was playing with Mika), Cherisse is

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Chuck Berry RIP

So I’m guessing you’re wondering why am I writing about the death of Chuck Berry when to the best of our knowledge there’s no evidence he was ever a drummer – Fred Below played with him. Well the simple truth is, he changed music, simplified it, and made it so that any drummer, of any

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