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And Don’t Forget To Bend At The Knees…

At the age of 16 after finishing school I took a music course at Oxford College of Further Education. Not to be confused with actual Oxford University (far from it, back then the College was a hotbed of underage pregnancy and underachievement...) the formative music education, and the chance to meet likeminded musicians, was invaluable

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On the road – Cherisse’s tour diary as she takes to the road with Simple Minds

  Here is Part 4 as the Tour edges towards the end of its Continental leg   Here is Part 3 as the Tour settles into its natural rhythm and there's time to start enjoying the down time Here is Part 2 of Cherisse's Tour Diary as she makes her way around Europe with Simple

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Cherisse Osei – Tour Videos

Cherisse Osei – Tour Videos Percussionist and drummer Cherisse Osei, is currently rehearsing with Simple Minds for their Acoustic European Tour starting in the next few weeks. Being a great friend of the site (a few years back she did a tour diary for us when she was playing with Mika), Cherisse is

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Chuck Berry RIP

So I’m guessing you’re wondering why am I writing about the death of Chuck Berry when to the best of our knowledge there’s no evidence he was ever a drummer – Fred Below played with him. Well the simple truth is, he changed music, simplified it, and made it so that any drummer, of any

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