Lesson – Simon DasGupta – Basic Fills

Welcome to our November Drum Lesson! Over the last few months, we have shown you how to put together a basic 8th note drum beat, and got you started with some important music notation. Now, the time has come to work on some 8th note drum fills! These are a lot of fun, and a huge part of playing the drums.

In this video we walk you through five different 8th note fills, and talk about the sticking and counting that will help build your confidence. You will feel the bigger picture coming together, and we also offer some insight into how to safely and musically hit your crash cymbals.

The accompanying sheet music is below, and you can check out our full curriculum on www.drumambition.com.

Drum Ambition is a Mike Dolbear Affiliated Online Drum School. Check out our full service website today, and feel free to email support@drumambition.com with any questions.

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