Six-Stroke Roll In A Rhythm

Lesson – Nathan Wallington 

Hi, I’m Nathan Wallington and welcome to my first lesson on  I often get asked about how you can develop rhythms to make them more interesting and intricate, and today we’re going to look at just that using the classic six-stroke roll.

The sticking we’ll be using for the six-stroke roll will be:

R L L R R L (accenting the singles)

So we’ll be using a six-stroke roll in a 16ths triplet feel in a rhythm. The six-stroke roll will start on the ‘&’ of beat 2 and go through to the ‘&’ of beat 3. It helps to bring out the dynamics if you can accent the singles of the roll (as you can see I have done in the attached video).

In the video I play this slowly at first, and then speed it up to show it at a faster pace. I also place the right hand notes on the ride later on to demonstrate another variation.

Have a go at following my examples and then try and come up with some of your own!  If you have any questions you can email me at

Have fun!




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