Lesson – Simon DasGupta – Notation Part 2

Thank you for checking out my latest video on MikeDolbear.com! In the last video, I showed you the note value chart, including how to count the important subdivisions. If you have not seen it, check it out – it will certainly help you when watching this latest feature.

This video will show you how to read, count and play whole notes, half notes, and quarter notes – including understanding and reading rests. This is super important foundational information, and will also be your first introduction to the wonderful world of “sticking”.

When we talk about sticking, we are simply referring to which hand plays which note. Why is this so important? Because it builds control. When you have control on the drum kit, wonderful things start to happen. Speed, power, dynamics – these are all byproducts of control, and understanding basic notation, counting and sticking is the first step to building control.

Have fun, play slowly and count out loud. Print off the accompanying sheet music, and practice with your metronome for best results!

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