BDC Launch Axial Pipe Band Drums

Pipe band drums from the future!”

Three and half years after forming the British Drum Co., their Marching Division has launched its Axial range of pipe band drums. The drums will make their public debut at the World Pipe Band Championships 2019 in Glasgow.

The team at British Drum Co. has, in the Axial snare drum, developed what they consider to be their most advanced pipe band snare drum, with innovative design and engineering taking a leading role.

The Axial snare is a 14” x 12” high-tension, free-floating pipe band drum developed around a handbuilt 8ply Scandinavian Birch shell. The high tension required by pipe band drumming is achieved by use of the X-Frame™ cage-style tension system. The latest technology is also used on the Direct Drive (patent pending) top and bottom snare mechanisms which have been designed to deliver exceptional snare response with precise control over height and tension.

The innovation does not stop there. N-Circle™ is a revolution in snare drum bearing-edge technology. Designed to equalise the distribution of tension across the bottom head, N-Circle™ is a finely tuned piece of engineering which acts as a vital component in the Axial snare drum.  Precision crafted from high-density composite materials, N-Circle™ utilises a 45º bearing-edge providing the optimum balance between head contact and tension for controlled tuning and excellent playability. The resulting increase in structural strength creates a more resilient shell and allows for higher tension throughout the drum.

The Axial snare drum is a stunning piece of technology. Its aesthetic appearance is unlike any other pipe band drum. Stylishly futuristic, it features anodised hardware as standard and is available in eight, out of this world standard sparkle finishes.

To complement the Axial snare, a range of tenor drums and bass drums has also been developed, incorporating a range of technological features, such as the FlipBack™ quick release system on the tenor for fast, easy head changes.

Commenting on the launch, Marching Division Manager, Stu Warmington said, “Here at British Drum Co., we are extremely proud of our Axial Series pipe band drums. At the outset of this project our goal was to develop the next generation technology for pipe band drums. We wanted to create a product range that would change perceptions of pipe band drums, using a combination of cutting edge design and engineering whilst maintaining the handcrafted traditions of the drum-making craft.”.

Alan Kitching, Design Engineering Manager for the British Drum Co. said, “We felt it was time for the next stage in the evolution of the high-tension pipe band snare drum. Working closely with our International Marching Specialist, Jim Kilpatrick MBE – 16 times World Solo Drumming Champion – we started to develop the Axial from the ground up. The demands of our self-imposed brief were such that we had to develop new technologies in order to deliver the optimum solution. Our non-compromise approach made this project one of the most challenging we have encountered but the tenacity and “can-do” attitude of the development team generated outstanding results in the form of these magnificent instruments.”

British Drum Co. CEO, Keith Keough added, “As the CEO of the British Drum Co. – a UK manufacturing company that’s only just over three years old – I am immensely proud to be able to launch the Axial Series pipe band drums. The work that has gone into this project has been huge and I am honoured to present these drums to the pipe band world”.

The Axial Series pipe band drums was introduced at Jim Kilpatrick’s “Giving Back” event on Tuesday August 13 at Todd’s Bar, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow prior to the World Pipe Band Championships 2019

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