“BeatNav” Metronome App – Discover Your Tempo – Now available on App Store and Google Play – Press Release

Music is all about rhythm, consisting of pulses and determined by the speed and tempo of these pulses. But contrarily to what you might think, rhythm is not a fixed value, it is a variable. Therefore, for transitions from rhythms to be accurate, knowledge in so called ‘metric modulation’ is required. In fact, considering that metric modulation is related to the pulse that is measured in “Beats Per Minute’’, an equation will need to be adapted for the result to be successful, every time the rhythm is to be changed.

To solve this problem, ‘BeatNav’ has been developed as an advanced metronome in Mobile Application form, which among many other advanced functions, can finally create and/or solve our metric modulation issues once and for all. Beginner or professional? This will not make a difference, BeatNav allows us all to work at the same pace. As a matter of fact, the metric modulation engine in ‘BeatNav’, relying on the “Three Lines” theory, attributes time to a white line and uses three autonomous coloured lines (green, yellow and red; each colour attributing to the degree of difficulty of each line) to describe how the transition is achieved. In other words, the Green Line (one-step) relies on simplified derivative rhythmic values while it is used for easier transitions. On the other hand, the Yellow Line’s (two-step) rhythmic values are nothing but multiplications of the Green Line values, creating new ‘artificial’ beats. Finally, the Red Line (three-step) values are formed through further multiplication of the initial values, enabling the performance of rhythmic transitions through difficult routes.

Briefly, a user-friendly application that can be manually set up and used according to the specific needs of each of its users; this is BeatNav. It’s three main functions each have their own tab : first, the advance ‘Metronome’ including metric modulation, determination or selection of tempo (by ‘tap’ or manually), simple-compound time signatures, simple to advanced rhythmic values, visualisation of the values and various metronome sounds. In addition, there is a ‘Playlist’ for storing and editing the “tempoi” and other metric modulations. And lastly, a rhythmic pyramid, containing all the divisions of the quarter note from one to nine in the form of rhythmic values, organised in lines, each of which remains an autonomous part of the pyramid.

© Alexandros Charalambous, trading as “BEATNAV”, 2017

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