CP Samples releases Chris Whitten Drums for Roland TM-6 Pro

CP Samples have announced that they have released a special pack of samples specifically for Roland TM-6 Pro users.

Chris Whitten made a name for himself playing drums with Paul McCartney, Dire Straits, Edie Brickell, The Pretenders and The Waterboys amongst many others.

In 2005 Chris started collaborating with record producer Peter Henderson (Supertramp, Rush and McCartney) on several drum sample libraries, notably Toontrack’s Superior ‘Custom & Vintage and the ‘Vintage Rock’ and ‘The Classic’ EZX’s.

In 2017 Whitten and Henderson recorded an extensive collection of acoustic drums for Roland’s current flagship hybrid drum sample module; TM-6 Pro (released Spring 2018).

In late 2019 they have built on that experience by creating ‘Chris Whitten Drums’, a sample expansion for the TM-6 Pro.

The new pack features;

  • 30 kit presets (all new)

  • 177 new samples (not previously on the TM-6 Pro).

  • Samples newly recorded at Real World Studios.

  • Samples from Chris’ personal collection going back to the mid 1980’s

  • 5 new electronic kits created from scratch by Chris using his Eurorack Modular and1970 Buchla System.

Chris Whitten Drums for Roland TM-6 Pro is available now MSRP £39.99 / €44.99 / $49.99 from https://musicglue.com/cpsamples/

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