DW Drums Hosts “Family Reunion”

Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) hosted a day of memories and storytelling featuring some of the world’s most notable drummers, all of whom have also been dedicated supporters of the DW Drums for decades.

“With the reissue of our original maple Santa Monica shell, we felt this would be the perfect opportunity to reminisce with the original players from back in the day.  These were the drummers who’ve been onboard with us playing the drums since BEFORE 1990,”commented Scott Donnell, VP of Marketing for Drum Workshop.

Part recollection and part recognition, this event welcomed an impressive line-up of drummers across almost every musical genre.  Each immediately embraced the moment and enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with old friends.  The list of influential attendees included:

Larry Aberman
Jacob Armen
Bruce Becker
Michael S. Clark
Fred Coury
Jimmy DeGrasso
Burleigh Drummond
Charles Esposito
John Ferraro
Philip “Fish” Fisher
Josh Freese

Richie Gajate Garcia
Joey Heredia
John “Vatos” Hernandez
Tris Imboden
Jim Keltner
Rick Latham
Tom Mendola
Jonathan Moffett
Louis Molino III
Tom Morris
Patrick Munzingo

David Owens
David Palmer
Rikki Rocket
Danny Seraphine
Jim Varley
Chad Wackerman
Billy Ward
Peter Wolf

DW founders Don Lombardi and John Good hosted an on-camera “Town Hall” where the participants were encouraged to tell their favorite stories about the early days of the company, the instruments and the importance that DW Drums played in their careers.  More than two hours was recorded for future release on DW’s youtube channel.

DW Executive VP and resident Woodologist, John Good, added, “This was a memorable trip down memory lane.  These fine folks are not only some of the most talented drummers anywhere; they really have become family to us all.  I can’t wait for DW fans to see the video.”

To find out more about the Santa Monica Series drums, visit dwdrums.com or YouYube.com/dwdrums.

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