Get A Grip With Vater Percussion’s Accessory Range

Many drummers deal with grip issues, especially as it gets really hot on stage and the sweat starts running. Vater have  released a range of products to help fight stick grip issues. From Grip Tape (rubbery type tape), Tacky Sack Grip Enhancer, Nude Series Drumsticks (no finish), Stick and Finger Tape (Gauze style) and Gloves.


Vater’s linen based Grip Tape is durable, absorbent and dries quickly, while offering a very comfortable grip. Available in Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White and Yellow and is re-usable. Each package contains 4 grips to wrap 2 pairs of sticks. Each grip contains 2 end tapes for extra security on the stick.

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Nude Sticks

Vater’s Nude sticks go through the same meticulous manufacturing process as their regular sticks but skip the vanish treatment stage. The unfinished look and feel leave a comfortable sanded grip that is perfect to prevent drum sticks from slipping from sweaty hands during a performance. Available in several popular models.

Stripped of all pretense, these Vater sticks get straight to the point.

Professional Drumming Gloves

Vater’s gloves feature synthetic leather with a breathable mesh backing and elasticated panels on the sides of the fingers. This combination provides the drummer great flexibility, fit and improved ventilation to assure maximum comfort while performing. Vater’s gloves improve grip and protect hands from blisters without compromising natural feel and sensitivity.

Available in Medium, Large and extra large from all Vater Dealers worldwide.

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Stick & Finger Tape

Vater’s self-cohesive thin gauze / mesh style tape helps improve grip and prevent hand fatigue, while still allowing a sense of “feel”. Each roll is 1 inch wide by 30 feet in length. One roll will wrap approximately 5 pairs of sticks. Can also be used to wrap just your fingers for added protection while playing drums as well as hand percussion.

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Tacky Sack

A grip enhancing rosin powder that absorbs moisture and provides added control of your drumsticks while performing in humid and sweaty conditions. Gently “clap” your hands on the Tacky Sack to apply rosin powder to your palms. Cord included to hang Tacky Sack from your snare drum, stick bag, hardware etc.

• Provides extra gripping power • Absorbs moisture • Firm grip, more control

“Once again, Vater knows just what I need, even before I do. Especially in intense, sweaty environments, Tacky Sack allows me to lose myself in the vibe of a song without worrying if I’m going to send a stick flying from my palms. My grip relaxes, and I’m better able to avoid carpal tunnel-like problems. Tacky Sack lets me thrash with complete control.”  – Jay Weinberg [Slipknot]  

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